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Pac Equity – Ultimate Solution for Your Back-Office Management

News Charts

Remain updated on market data for stock trading with authentic news charts

  • Uses candlestick, line and bar charts
  • Holds pre-market and post-market data to save a trader from false news
  • An inherent formula to nullify charts if a gap of 10-15% in company’s stock comes

Level 2 and Time & Sales

Execute orders effectively with time & sale data from Level 2

  • Quicker execution guaranteed with access to level 2 screen
  • Strong time and sale data provided before click and confirm option
  • Level 2 screen gives an opportunity to view in-depth market prices
  • Allows to view the level where participants are placing
  • Helps identify potential buyer and seller in relevance to time and sales information

Multiple Accounts

  • Users can have multiple accounts to place many orders simultaneously
  • In case of a loss on one account, the user can switch to another account to place trade

Create your own Watchlist

  • Users can create a watchlist of their choice
  • This enables them to open multiple charts against certain symbols
  • This also helps clients know the history of price patterns and plan the future accordingly

Scanning Tools

  • The tool lets you search market for potential trade
  • It searches for specific patterns and setups and puts them to trade through programming
  • Specially designed to search for traders only what they particularly need


  • Gives user the option of customization
  • Capable of executing the most complex orders with an easy interface
  • Trader can customize steps and completely eliminate the unwanted ones

Technical Indicators

  • Provides traders with the needed technical indicators
  • Shows most critical indicators like Moving Average, MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands, Stochastic and volume bars.
  • Also shows the trendlines
  • Gives the option of setting up default charts with required indicators
  • This can also be copied to multiple trades in different time frames


  • Supplies data at a reliable speed
  • Provides real-time price quotes to the trader
  • Monitors market continuously for the trader
  • Every account can be customized and adjusted according to the requirements
  • Ensures trade is not hindered because of the unreliability of the software

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