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The team at Pac Square believes in catering the clients, the brokerage firms and financial institutions with the latest and competitive trading technology in the market. Our mission is guided by our will to keep an unyielding focus on discovery, design and development to ensure delivery of quality and high standard products.

As the equity market, as well as the technology industry, is in a perpetual state of transformation, our services and products are designed to update with the evolving trends. Our products have a higher level of adaptability and so has our development team, that keeps a hawk eye on all the innovations in the industry to provide our customers with the best and unparalleled user experience of a trading software.

Our purpose of erecting a platform like Pac Equity is solely driven by your need for a robust system that allows an exponential growth of your business. We have invested a huge amount of resource in designing a powerful and extensive trading solution so you have less to fret and more to focus on your business strategies. We’ve got your back with quality services and superior support to ensure your success.

PacSquare has a global presence with a network of partners and affiliates majorly in Europe and Asia. Our core team consists of industry professionals with a vast experience in management, technology and trading industry – a perfect combination to support you right from the start. We are constantly driven by our commitment to provide our clients the best of the services in the industry.

Why Pac Equity

Reliability and Security

• An active system with no downtime
• Real time streaming of prices for stock market
• Secure communication protocols
• Effective disaster recovering strategies and backup
• Robust alert system to combat threats and attacks

Choose the best technology

• Cloud infrastructure and virtual data centers present all around the world
• Supported by all kinds of data connections, can run on low internet bandwidth as well
• Responsive to all screen types; from mobile to desktop to MAC or any web version
• No further channels required; just a plug and play system
• Multiple Market Maker options
• No bridges required; plug and play system!
• Multiple liquidity options; we integrate the Liquidity of your choice via FIX

For Higher Business Growth

• Your technology needs are fully taken care of so your focus remains strictly on business growth
• Better user experience to maintain a stable customer retention rate
• A structure that ensures commission and incentive for streamlining your business and customers

Best Support

• Continuous software updates to deliver according to the need and time
• Back and Front office in one package available for the same fee
• Pre and after-sale support to ensure dispensation of quality service from Pac Equity Solutions
• A fully prepared hosting staff with no need for additional resource to handle product deployment
• 24 hour support from our expert engineers